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Prescription Drug Addiction

"Right now we have more people that are dying from prescription opioids than cocaine and heroin combined," said Robert Hill, a DEA special agent with years of experience on the front lines of the war.

CNN reported on Adam's story on Wednesday. Tragically, Adam passed away due to a prescription drug overdose. But Adam wasn't getting these drugs from some drug dealer on the street. Adam received all of his medication, legally, from a medical professional. In the report, Adam's parents talk about loosing their son to these drugs and seeing how it changed him. They knew there was a problem when they saw prescriptions writen for 100's of pills. But by that time, it was too late and Adam was on a dangerous path.

It is vital to take yours and your family's medical care in your own hands. While trusting your doctor is important, it's also important to be able to recognize the signs of prescription drug addiction when you see them in your loved ones or yourself. If you feel like someone you love is struggling with prescription drug addiction or any other type of addiction, call one of our many interventionists we have listed HERE on the website. They'll walk you through recognizing then confronting the issues that your loved one faces. Don't wait.

If you'd like to see Adam's full story on CNN, click HERE.

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