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Dr. Weiss

Palmetto provides specialized addiction recovery care for recovering professionals including healthcare, legal, and other licensed professionals

Therapy and education in this program focus on care-giving, care-taking, work addiction, fiscal recovery, relationships in the workplace, career adjustment issues, self-image, ethics and restoring a balanced life-style. Medical professionals attend weekly Caduceus Meetings where they receive advice, support and sober modeling from over forty recovering health care professionals.

Referral sources and monitoring/ licensing organizations receive a weekly update of each professional's progress. Our goal is to provide honest, individual feedback with developing a posture of advocacy when appropriate. As the professional nears completion of his/ her program, direct contact with referral/ monitoring sources will include a summary letter, a copy of the discharge summary, and phone call to answer pertinent questions. Specific discharge planning and continuing care recommendations will be clearly outlined.

Length of stay for impaired professionals averages three months. We have monitored all of our residential graduates since July 1993.

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JAY WEISS, MD - Medical Director

Medical Director

JAY PILAND, MD - ABAM, Attending Physician

ABAM, Attending Physician

By pursuing and achieving accreditation, Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center has demonstrated that it meets international standards for quality and is committed to pursuing excellence.

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