Girl using schedule 1 drugs through a needle

What Are Schedule 1 Drugs?

Congress passed the Controlled Substance Act that requires substances to be classified based on their medicinal value and potential for causing dependency. Federal regulatory and enforcement agencies are responsible for evaluating substances to help the government determine if a substance poses a danger to public health and safety. Schedule 1 drugs is the classification for…

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A bag of meth and the history of meth

Understanding the History of Meth

Crystal meth, or methamphetamine, has an interesting history behind its illegal use. Many people think meth is relatively new to the streets. But that is not true. Until the late 20th century, meth was used by medical professionals for a number of treatment options. The actual history of meth goes back to Japan in the…

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A meeting for addiction support groups

The Value of Addiction Support Groups

When you get treatment for a substance abuse disorder, you’re usually paired with a therapist who helps you plan your course of action. You typically go through different psychotherapy approaches and get addiction education that helps you understand the disease. Addiction support groups are also instrumental in a lasting recovery. Support groups can even benefit…

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A man with pills and opioid addiction statistics

Analyzing Opioid Addiction Statistics

Opioid addiction statistics have become a staple topic of nightly news reporting. The figures sound alarming. The number of painkiller prescriptions keeps increasing. In fact, even you could be at risk of developing an addiction right now. Who Develops an Addiction to Opioids? Opioid painkillers are becoming the go-to prescription for doctors who want to…

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A woman defining the drug rehabilitation meaning

Defining the Drug Rehabilitation Meaning

Substance abuse and the addiction to both prescription and illicit drugs are huge problems affecting millions of adults today. Due to their unique complexities, these issues require a variety of interventions. When defining the rehabilitation meaning, we must consider what steps are involved in helping someone overcome substance abuse. The information that follows will address…

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A man learning how to overcome drug addiction

Learning How to Overcome Addiction

Substance abuse and addiction affect millions of people throughout the country every year. Unfortunately, these issues create lasting effects on the lives of many sufferers. In addressing how to overcome addiction, it is important that people can recognize the signs of a substance abuse issue. The following information discusses the common signs of substance abuse…

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Drugs and the addiction definition

Addiction Definition

It is important for people with addictions and their family members to have a firm grasp on the addiction definition. The more that they understand about addiction, the better that they can prevent it from happening. There are a number of questions that come to mind about addiction when first addressing it. But it is…

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A woman wondering is alcohol a drug

Is Alcohol a Drug?

People often wonder: is alcohol a drug? People rarely think of it as a drug, possibly because it’s legal to buy all types of alcohol. How the media portrays alcohol often gives it a glamorous air. This creates a desensitized culture but doesn’t negate the fact that alcohol can have a destructive impact on a…

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A man experiencing symptoms of a drug withdrawal

Common Symptoms of Drug Withdrawal

Addiction causes widespread damage, not only to the people who abuse drugs and alcohol but to people close to them. When an individual takes the brave step toward recovery, he or she might wonder what comes next. Detoxing the body can be uncomfortable, but it’s a necessary part of becoming sober. During detox, people experience…

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