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Teens and Oxycodone Abuse

Teen Oxycodone Abuse Oxycodone is a legal prescription drug that teens often view as a harmless way to get high. Many teenagers are introduced to the drug by friends at school who have access to the drug because it is a legally prescribed drug and found in many home medicine cabinets making it easily accessible

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Testifying can help

Coming forward and speaking about recovery is vital to the success of recovering alcoholics and addicts. Using testimony as a step in recovery not only helps others in their path to sobriety but also allows the speaker to reflect on their own success. Testifying is telling the story about achieving sobriety. Mistakes made with alcohol

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The 5 Stages Of Addiction

Addiction follows a very specific process. It does not matter if you are addicted to an over-the-counter medication, heroin, marijuana or alcohol, the addiction process remains the same. Understanding the five steps of addiction may help you enter into recovery faster or help save someone that is suffering with an addiction. Step 1 – Experimental

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The Truth About Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Treatment for addiction encompasses a range of variables and stages that work together to address the challenges that one faces when starting the road to their recovery as well as providing help for the loved ones that are also affected along the way. The treatment process is different for everyone and are

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Palmetto Provides Counseling for Women’s Issues

Do you or a close friend or family member know someone who is Anorexic? Odds are that you do and you might not even know it. Did you know that Palmetto provides counseling for women’s issues? We are proud to welcome Layne Cook, LMSW to our staff. As a counselor, she works with clients that

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