hand stopping the domino effect of addiction and intervention

Addiction and Intervention

Almost everyone knows someone struggling with addiction. Unfortunately, many of us don’t know why someone becomes addicted to drugs. We also lack an understanding of the physiological effects of drugs and how they change the brain. Through these changes, they foster compulsive drug addiction. Too many people view drug abuse and addiction as strictly a…

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young woman beginning at one of the student drug abuse treatment centers in Metairie LA

Student Drug Abuse Treatment Centers in Metairie, LA

Parents are constantly trying to protect their children, no matter their ages, from the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, no matter how hard they try, their loved ones will ultimately come into contact with one of the substances at some point in their life. What’s even more unfortunate is that by the time they…

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young man about to succumb to the risk of future professionals and drug addiction

Future Professionals and Drug Addiction 

When you’re in school to become a professional who will maintain a license and practice in their field, it’s crucial to live life on the right track and make the right decisions. However, future professionals and drug addiction is a common occurrence and can be detrimental to the future of students. What few people realize…

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individual gambling as he wonders What are process addictions

What Are Process Addictions?

What are process addictions? When people think of addiction, substance use tends to come to mind first. However, plenty of behaviors and interactions can trigger a reward response in the brain. That response is what leads to addiction. For that reason, finding a process addiction treatment center is often a must. What Are Process Addictions?…

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woman wonders how to manage her Mental Health and the Holidays

Mental Health and the Holidays

All of us would like to think that the holidays are an exclusively positive time, where we leave behind the stress and anxiety of our daily routines. At Palmetto Center, we know that as positive as time away from work or school, being around family, and eating and drinking can be, it can also add…

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What Is Partial Hospitalization?

Some call it day rehab. Others consider it the middle ground between inpatient and outpatient care. What is partial hospitalization, and how does it benefit you? Here’s what you need to know. What is Partial Hospitalization? Overcoming an alcohol or drug dependence doesn’t follow a routine outline. Every case is different. Someone with intense cravings…

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What Are Schedule 1 Drugs?

Congress passed the Controlled Substance Act that requires substances to be classified based on their medicinal value and potential for causing dependency. Federal regulatory and enforcement agencies are responsible for evaluating substances to help the government determine if a substance poses a danger to public health and safety. Schedule 1 drugs is the classification for…

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Understanding the History of Meth

Crystal meth, or methamphetamine, has an interesting history behind its illegal use. Many people think meth is relatively new to the streets. But that is not true. Until the late 20th century, meth was used by medical professionals for a number of treatment options. The actual history of meth goes back to Japan in the…

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The Value of Addiction Support Groups

When you get treatment for a substance abuse disorder, you’re usually paired with a therapist who helps you plan your course of action. You typically go through different psychotherapy approaches and get addiction education that helps you understand the disease. Addiction support groups are also instrumental in a lasting recovery. Support groups can even benefit…

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